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Ref IDSubject of the E-Circular / NotificationStatusPub. DateExpiry DatePublished byDownload File
2023031710636 Office Order regarding incharge of the Engineering Section, Vidyasagar University [Memo No.: VU/R/Off-Or./249/2023 Dated 16.03.2023]  Active  17/03/2023 16-04-2023 Webmaster (CC) Download
2023030910616 Notification regarding strike on 10th March, 2023 [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./232/2023 Dated 09.03.2023] Expired 09/03/2023 10-03-2023 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2023030910615 Notification on joining of Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor of Vidyasagar University [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./C0025/2023 Dated 09.03.2023]  Active  09/03/2023 09-06-2023 Webmaster (CC) Download
2023021910588 Notification (Memo No: VU/R/Noti./194/2023 Dated: 19.02.2023)  Active  19/02/2023 30-06-2023 WEBMASTER Download
2023021710585 Notice regarding research awards for the faculty members of the University to publish articles and books [Ref. No.: VU/IQAC/011/2023 Dated 16.02.2023] Expired 17/02/2023 15-03-2023 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2023021310574 Notification [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./C0018/2023 Dated 13.02.2023]  Active  13/02/2023 31-07-2023 Webmaster (CC) Download
2023020710565 Notification [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./C0015/2023 Dated 06.02.2023]  Active  07/02/2023 31-07-2023 Webmaster (CC) Download
2023012010543 Applications are invited for accommodation in different university vacant quarter/abasan/mess (Ref No : VU/R/HAC/Nti/110/2023 Dated: 20.01.2023) Expired 20/01/2023 10-02-2023 WEBMASTER Link Expired
2023011910537 Notice regarding celebration of 127th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as "Parakram Divas" 2023 on 23.01.2023 in the University Campus [VU/NSS/39/23 Dated 18.01.2023] Expired 19/01/2023 23-01-2023 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2023011810536 Notification regarding observation of the 74th Republic Day of India on 26th January, 2023 at University [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./097/2023] Expired 18/01/2023 26-01-2023 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2023011010521 Office Order regarding suspension of the regular University Bus Service (bearing No. WB 33 C3600) [Memo No.: VU/R/Off-Or./49/2023 Dated 10.01.2023] Expired 10/01/2023 27-01-2023 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2023010610506 Urgent Notification for SET-2022 Examination [Memo No.: VU/R/039/2023 Dated 06.01.2023] Expired 06/01/2023 08-01-2023 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022122910477 Notification regarding closure of the University on account of sad demise of Shri Subrata Saha, Hon'ble Minister of State, Govt. of West Bengal [Memo No.: VU/R/2230/2022 Dated 29.12.2022] Expired 29/12/2022 30-12-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022122710472 Notification regarding reschedule of visiting hours of Dr. Sunil Kumar Basu, Part-time Medical Officer of Vidyasagar University [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./2206/2022 Dated 27.12.2022] Expired 27/12/2022 30-12-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022122310466 Condolence meeting of Late Shri Dhanapati Jani will be held on 27th December, 2022 at B.C. Mukherjee Hall [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./2184/2022 Dated 22.12.2022] Expired 23/12/2022 27-12-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022122210455 Condolence meeting for the sudden and untimely demise of Late Shri Dhanapati Jani, Sweeper, Vidyasagar University on 27th December, 2022 [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./2112/2022 Dated 21.12.2022] Expired 22/12/2022 27-12-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022122210454 Notification regarding closure of the University on 26.12.2022 (Monday) due to the day after "Christmas" [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./2111/2022 Dated 21.12.2022] Expired 22/12/2022 26-12-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022122210453 Notification regarding the holiday under "Vice-Chancellor's Discretion" on 30th December, 2022 [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./2110/2022 Dated 21.12.2022] Expired 22/12/2022 31-12-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022122010449 Notification regarding screening of movie and Cine club membership [Memo No.: VU/R/2109/2022 Dated 20.12.2022] Expired 20/12/2022 31-12-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022121610431 Notification regarding update of service books for all the substantive/ permanent employees of Vidyasagar University [Memo No.: VU/R/2031/2022 Dated 15.12.2022]  Active  16/12/2022 31-12-2024 Webmaster (CC) Download
2022120910406 Urgent notice for the residents of the university quarter/hostel in connection with Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) - 2022 Expired 09/12/2022 11-12-2022 WEBMASTER Link Expired
2022120510388 Notification regarding membership in 'চিত্রকথা' Cine Club@VU [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./2009/2022 Dated 05.12.2022]  Active  05/12/2022 31-12-2024 Webmaster (CC) Download
2022112410353 Office Order [Memo No.: VU/R/Off-Or./1912/2022 Dated 23.11.2022]  Active  24/11/2022 31-03-2023 Webmaster (CC) Download
2022112410349 Notification [Memo No.: VU/R/Invt./1925/2022 Dated 24.11.2022] Expired 24/11/2022 25-11-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022111710322 Notification regarding "Young Scientist Award and Vigyan Sehra Award" for the faculties [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./1805/2022 Dated 16.11.2022] Expired 17/11/2022 04-12-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022111610313 Notification regarding public services of the Office of the Controller of Examinations [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./1812/2022 Dated 16.11.2022]  Active  16/11/2022 31-12-2023 Webmaster (CC) Download
2022110710280 Notification related to the "Duare Sarkar" Camp [Memo No.: VU/R/Invt./1778/2022 Dated 07.11.2022] Expired 07/11/2022 14-11-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022110110266 Notification regarding the camp of "DUARE SARKAR" organized by Vidyasagar University with the help of Paschim Medinipur District Administration at B.C. Mukherjee Hall, Vidyasagar University [Memo No.: VU/R/Invt./1748/2022 Dated 01.11.2022] Expired 01/11/2022 14-11-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022101710249 Notification regarding the holiday under "Vice Chancellor's discretion" on 28th October 2022[ Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./1636/2022 Dated 14.10.2022] Expired 17/10/2022 28-10-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
2022101110215 Notification regarding "Bijaya Sammilan" organized by University on 18.10.2022 at 12:30 P.M. at B.N. Sasmal hall, Vidyasagar University [Memo No.: VU/R/Invt./1608/2022 Dated 11.10.2022] Expired 11/10/2022 18-10-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired