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202208029915 Admission Notification of CCAE Diploma/Certificate courses [Ref. No.: VU/CCAE/99/2022 Dated 02.08.2022]  Active  02/08/2022 22-08-2022 Webmaster (CC) Download
202207149855 Revised Admission Notification of CCAE Diploma/Certificate courses (Ref No : VU/CCAE/83/2022 Dated: 14.07.2022) Expired 14/07/2022 02-08-2022 WEBMASTER Link Expired
202207089825 PCAE final admission notice for reserved category [Memo No.: VU/DSW/PCAE/13/22 Dated 08.07.2022] Expired 08/07/2022 15-07-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202206239770 PCAE Admission Notice against vacant seats under Reserve Categories (Academic Session 2022-23) [Ref No.: VU/DSW/PCAE/12/22 Dated 22.06.2022] Expired 23/06/2022 04-07-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202206079692 Notification regarding Provisional List for Admission to MBA Programme, 2022-23 [Ref. No.: VU/PG/141/22 Dated 07.06.2022] Expired 07/06/2022 14-06-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202206029676 Notification regarding PCAE 10th round admission with list [Memo No.: VU/DSW/PCAE/10/22 Dated 02.06.2022] Expired 02/06/2022 03-06-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202206029673 Notification for payment of Semester-II fees for absentee [Ref. No.: VU/PG/138,139/22 Dated 02.06.2022] Expired 02/06/2022 08-06-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202205309661 Notification regarding PCAE 9th round admission with list [Memo No.: VU/DSW/PCAE/09/22 Dated 30.05.2022] Expired 30/05/2022 31-05-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202205279658 Notification regarding PCAE 8th round admission with list [Memo No.: VU/DSW/PCAE/08/22 Dated 27.05.2022] Expired 27/05/2022 30-05-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202205239637 Notification regarding PCAE 7th round admission with list [Memo No.: VU/DSW/PCAE/07/22 Dated 23.05.2022] Expired 23/05/2022 24-05-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202205219633 Notification regarding annexure name list for the PCAE 6th round admission Expired 21/05/2022 23-05-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202205209629 Notification regarding PCAE 6th round admission with list [Memo No.: VU/DSW/PCAE/06/22 Dated 20.05.2022] Expired 20/05/2022 23-05-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202205179625 Notifications for payment of semester -II fees [Memo No.: VU/PG/105 (i,ii)/22 Dated 17.05.2022] Expired 17/05/2022 31-05-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202205129617 Notification for Payment of Semester IV & MCA students of Semester VI Fees for absentee [Ref. No.: VU/PG/94,95/22 Dated 12.05.2022] Expired 12/05/2022 19-05-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202205129616 Notification for Payment of Even Semester Fees of Evening PG Programmes under CCAE [Ref. No.: VU/PG/96/22 Dated 12.05.2022] Expired 12/05/2022 27-05-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202205069607 Notification regarding admission to MBA Programme, 2022-23 [Ref. No.: VU/PG/91/22 Dated 06.05.2022] Expired 06/05/2022 20-05-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202204279584 Notification regarding PCAE 4th round admission with list [Memo No.: VU/DSW/PCAE/04/22 Dated 27.04.2022] Expired 27/04/2022 29-04-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202204279583 2nd list of provisionally selected candidates for PG BOYS & GIRLS Hostel for the present vacant position [Ref. No.: VU/DSW/500/2022 Dated 27.04.2022] Expired 27/04/2022 29-04-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202204269573 Notification and schedule for payment of fees for Semester IV & VI [Memo No.: VU/PG/63,64/22 Dated 26.04.2022] Expired 26/04/2022 12-05-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202204209556 Notification regarding PCAE 3rd round admission notice and list [Memo No.: VU/DSW/PCAE/03/22 Dated 19.04.2022] Expired 20/04/2022 24-04-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202204139550 PG Semester I Dispute Registration Notice [Ref. No.: VU/CE/GD/5066/2022 Dated 12.04.2022] Expired 13/04/2022 19-04-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202204139547 NOTICE (Admission 2nd round PCAE) [Dated 13.04.2022] Expired 13/04/2022 19-04-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202203259488 CCAE Admission notification for Certificate Courses [Ref. No. VU/CCAE/26/2022 Dated 25.03.2022] Expired 25/03/2022 29-04-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202203149432 Notice regarding choice of CBCS subject for the University Campus students of Semester - II [Memo No.: VU/PG/29/22 Dated 11.03.2022] Expired 14/03/2022 01-04-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202202189329 Admission Notification of NSQF Courses [Ref. No.: VU/R/Adv/203/2022 Dated 18.02.2022] Expired 18/02/2022 28-02-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202202019238 CCAE Admission Notification for Diploma/Certificate Courses [Ref. No.: VU/CCAE/11/2022 Dated 31.01.2022] Expired 01/02/2022 28-02-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202201249220 Notification for closing PG admission of day section 2021-22 [Ref. No.: VU/PG/15/22 Dated 21.01.2022]  Active  24/01/2022 31-12-2022 Webmaster (CC) Download
202112299156 Notification regarding admission to the vacant seats for the Academic Session, 2021-22 (Rapid Round-2) Expired 29/12/2021 04-01-2022 WEBMASTER Link Expired
202112279137 PROVISIONAL MERIT LIST FOR ADMISSION TO MCA, 2021-22 [Ref. No.: VU/PG/350/21 Dated 27.12.2021] Expired 27/12/2021 01-01-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112179112 Notification regarding fill up the vacant seats for the Academic Session, 2021-22 (Rapid Round-2) Expired 17/12/2021 21-12-2021 WEBMASTER Link Expired