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Ref IDSubject of the E-Circular / NotificationStatusPub. DateExpiry DatePublished byDownload File
202201249224 Provisional Examination Schedule for M.A./M.SC./M.COM 3rd Semester Examinations 2021 (Online Mode) [Ref. No.: VU/CE/PG/EX/3374/2022 Dated 24.01.2022]  Active  24/01/2022 28-02-2022 Webmaster (CC) Download
202201219212 Guidelines for PG Exam 2021 [Ref. No.: VU/CE/GD-3373/2022 Dated 21.01.2022]  Active  21/01/2022 28-02-2022 Webmaster (CC) Download
202201179197 Provisional Examination Schedule of BA/BSC/BCOM (H & G)/MAJOR Semester V Examination for the year 2021 (Under CBCS Pattern) [Ref. No.: VU/CE/UG/Sem V/CBCS/3355/2022 Dated 17.01.2022]  Active  17/01/2022 05-02-2022 Webmaster (CC) Download
202201179196 Detailed guidelines for the candidates of Under Graduate 5th Semester Examinations 2021 (Online Mode) [Ref. No.: VU/CE/GD-3354/2022 Dated 17.01.2022]  Active  17/01/2022 28-02-2022 Webmaster (CC) Download
202201109181 Open Ph. D. Viva of Md. Aminul Islam in Management [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./07/22 Dated 10.01.2022] Expired 10/01/2022 17-01-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202201109179 Notification for Examination Form for UG 5th Semester 2021 (Ref. No: VU/CE/GD/LD/1/1/2022 Dated : 09.01.2022)  Active  10/01/2022 31-01-2022 WEBMASTER Download
202112299157 Notification regarding Submission of Dissertation of M. Phil Programme  Active  29/12/2021 15-05-2022 WEBMASTER Download
202112299153 Schedule of practical Examination 2021 in Dietetics (NSQF) Expired 29/12/2021 07-01-2022 WEBMASTER Link Expired
202112299150 Open Ph. D. Viva of Subhasis Santra in Economics [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./790/21 Dated 28.12.2021] Expired 29/12/2021 11-01-2022 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112249133 Open Ph. D. Viva of Ajoy Kumar Mandal in History [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./777/21 Dated 22.12.2021] Expired 24/12/2021 29-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112249130 Practical Examination Schedule of Mushroom Cultivation and Processing (NSQF) Expired 24/12/2021 29-12-2021 WEBMASTER Link Expired
202112249129 Practical Examination Schedule of Beekeeping & Management (NSQF) Expired 24/12/2021 29-12-2021 WEBMASTER Link Expired
202112219119 Open Ph. D. Viva of Rituparna Ghosh in Physiology [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./771/21 Dated 20.12.2021] Expired 21/12/2021 28-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112219118 Open Ph. D. Viva of Kallol Dutt in Management [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./773/21 Dated 20.12.2021] Expired 21/12/2021 27-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112179108 Open Ph. D. Viva of Md. Aminul Islam in Management [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./765/21 Dated 16.12.2021] Expired 17/12/2021 23-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112169105 Open Ph. D. Viva of Moumita Das in Sociology [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./758/21 Dated 15.12.2021] Expired 16/12/2021 22-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112169104 Open Ph. D. Viva of Rahul Sharma in Hindi [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./756/21 Dated 15.12.2021] Expired 16/12/2021 28-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112159097 Open Ph. D. Viva of Bidisha Mukherjee in English [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./742/21 Dated 14.12.2021] Expired 15/12/2021 22-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112159096 Open Ph. D. Viva of Jishu Jana in Mathematics [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./744/21 Dated 14.12.2021] Expired 15/12/2021 23-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112159095 Open Ph. D. Viva of Mrinal Maity in Management [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./751/21 Dated 14.12.2021] Expired 15/12/2021 28-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112149092 Result of course work for Ph.D programme in Life Science (2021) [Ref. No.: VU/CE/Ph.D./25/21 Dated 13.12.2021]  Active  14/12/2021 31-12-2022 Webmaster (CC) Download
202112099069 Result of course work for Ph.D. Programme in Zoology (2021) [Ref. No.: VU/CE/Ph.D./24/21 Dated 06.12.2021]  Active  09/12/2021 31-12-2022 Webmaster (CC) Download
202112089066 Open Ph. D. Viva of Pikash Pratim Maity in BMLSM [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./732/21 Dated 07.12.2021] Expired 08/12/2021 19-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112089065 Open Ph. D. Viva of Arun Kumar Nayak in Management [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./729/21 Dated 07.12.2021] Expired 08/12/2021 15-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112089064 Open Ph. D. Viva of Shamima Khatun in BMLSM [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./730/21 Dated 07.12.2021] Expired 08/12/2021 17-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112079058 Open Ph. D. Viva of Arnab Banerjee in Management [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./716/21 dated 06.12.2021] Expired 07/12/2021 15-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112049052 Open Ph. D. Viva of Santu Charan Das in Commerce [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./707/21 dated 03.12.2021] Expired 04/12/2021 13-12-2021 WEBMASTER Link Expired
202112049051 Open Ph. D. Viva of Amit Pan in Philosophy [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./714/21 dated 03.12.2021] Expired 04/12/2021 16-12-2021 WEBMASTER Link Expired
202112049050 Open Ph. D. Viva of Sumit Kumar Maiti in Mathematics[Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./705/21 dated 03.12.2021] Expired 04/12/2021 10-12-2021 WEBMASTER Link Expired
202112039047 Open Ph. D. Viva of Sankarsan Roy in Zoology [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./703/21 dated 02.12.2021] Expired 03/12/2021 10-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired