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Ref IDSubject of the E-Circular / NotificationStatusPub. DateExpiry DatePublished byDownload File
202112049052 Open Ph. D. Viva of Santu Charan Das in Commerce [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./707/21 dated 03.12.2021]  Active  04/12/2021 13-12-2021 WEBMASTER Download
202112049051 Open Ph. D. Viva of Amit Pan in Philosophy [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./714/21 dated 03.12.2021]  Active  04/12/2021 16-12-2021 WEBMASTER Download
202112049050 Open Ph. D. Viva of Sumit Kumar Maiti in Mathematics[Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./705/21 dated 03.12.2021]  Active  04/12/2021 10-12-2021 WEBMASTER Download
202112049049 Notification for payment of semester-III fees,2021  Active  04/12/2021 31-12-2021 WEBMASTER Download
202112039048 Notice regarding Quotation, DDE, Vidyasagar University [Ref. Quotation Notice No.: VU/DDE/5974/2021 Dated 03.12.2021]  Active  03/12/2021 10-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202112039047 Open Ph. D. Viva of Sankarsan Roy in Zoology [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./703/21 dated 02.12.2021]  Active  03/12/2021 10-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202112039046 Purchase of consumables items [Ref. No.: VU/FO/Tender/35/2021 Dated 03.12.2021]  Active  03/12/2021 13-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202112039045 Ph.D. Pre-submission seminar and Ph.D. Committee meeting in Lib. & Inf. Sc., V.U. [Ref. No.: LIS/PhD/02/21 Dated 02.12.2021]  Active  03/12/2021 11-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202112029044 Notice regarding Choice of Special Paper in Chemistry Part-II (2020-21) under DDE, Vidyasagar University [Ref. No.: VU/DDE/D/1098/2021 Dated 02.12.2021]  Active  02/12/2021 15-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202112029043 Notice regarding M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. Part - II Examination - 2021 under DDE, Vidyasagar University [Ref. No.: VU/DDE/D/1097/2021 Dated 02.12.2021]  Active  02/12/2021 31-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202112029042 Notification regarding reschedule of visiting hours [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./1516/2021 Dated 01.12.2021] Expired 02/12/2021 03-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202112019041 Student Induction Program (02/12/2021) [Red no. VU/DSW/SIP/04/2021, dated 01.12.2021] Expired 01/12/2021 03-12-2021 WEBMASTER Link Expired
202112019040 Notification regarding Commencement of classes under NSQF Scheme [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./1498/2021 Dated 01.12.2021]  Active  01/12/2021 01-01-2022 Webmaster (CC) Download
202112019039 Open Ph. D. Viva of Om Prakash Rabidas in Hindi [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./690/21 dated 30.11.2021]  Active  01/12/2021 10-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202111299038 Procurement of a fraction collector and drone [Ref. No.: VU/FO/Tender/34/2021 Dated 29.11.2021]  Active  29/11/2021 13-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202111299037 Notice inviting offline rate for quotation of different civil works in the campus of Vidyasagar University [Ref. Quotation Notification No.: VU/R/Q/09(C)/2021-22 Dated 29.11.2021]  Active  29/11/2021 06-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202111299036 Notification regarding guidelines of COVID-19 [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./1490/2021 Dated 29.11..2021]  Active  29/11/2021 31-01-2022 Webmaster (CC) Download
202111299035 Notification of Dr. D.C. Pavate Memorial Fellowships in Cambridge, 2022-23 - Karnatak University, Dharwad - 580003 [No. KU/DCPF Dated 12.11.2021]  Active  29/11/2021 10-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202111269034 Selection trial of women's football team [Ref. No.: VU/SCH/DSW/275/2021 Dated 25.11.21] Expired 26/11/2021 03-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202111269033 Tender notice for maintenance of Gardens, Parks, Grass Lawns, Tub Plants etc. in the campus of Vidyasagar University [Ref. Tender Notification No.: VU/R/T/1452/2021 Dated 25.11.2021]  Active  26/11/2021 06-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202111269032 Notification regarding functioning of the university [Memo No.: VU/R/Noti./C0321/2021 Dated 26.11..2021]  Active  26/11/2021 31-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202111269031 Allotment of Supervisor for Ph. D. Scholars in Life Science [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./678/21 Dated 25.11.2021]  Active  26/11/2021 31-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202111259030 Open Ph. D. Viva of Bijoy Gupta in Management [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./642/21 dated 23.11.2021] Expired 25/11/2021 30-11-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202111259029 Open Ph. D. Viva of Narayan Kayet in Remote Sensing & GIS [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./644/21 dated 23.11.2021]  Active  25/11/2021 07-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202111259028 Open Ph. D. Viva of Soumen Manna in Chemistry [Ref. No.: VU/R/Ph.D./646/21 dated 23.11.2021] Expired 25/11/2021 01-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202111249027 Notice inviting offline rate for quotation of supply the plumbing materials in the campus of Vidyasagar University [Ref. Quotation Notification No.: VU/R/Q/08(C)/2021-22 Dated 23.11.2021] Expired 24/11/2021 29-11-2021 Webmaster (CC) Link Expired
202111249026 Advertisement for the post of IoE Teaching Fellows at Challakere campus, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Chitradurga, Karnataka  Active  24/11/2021 15-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202111249025 Postponement of the Webinar organised by the Women's Studies Centre, Vidyasagar University scheduled to be held on 15.12.2021  Active  24/11/2021 15-12-2021 Webmaster (CC) Download
202111239024 Admission Notification for Diploma Courses under CCAE (Ref No : VU/CCAE/78/2021 Dated : 23.11.2021)  Active  23/11/2021 30-12-2021 WEBMASTER Download
202111239023 3rd list of candidates for admission into the Ph. D. Programme,2021-22 Expired 23/11/2021 30-11-2021 WEBMASTER Link Expired